Although Kinto is one of my various transportation options, it’s a newcomer in the scene. So, I’d like to address some common questions people may have about Kinto.

What is Kinto?

Kinto is a fresh approach to car rentals, where the Kinto app handles everything, from booking and payment to getting you behind the wheel, unlike traditional rental services. All Kintos boast the latest in Toyota hybrid technology.

How does Kinto work?

First, you download the Kinto app from your phone’s app store and signup to the Kinto platform.
Then, you use the app’s map to find a Kinto near you.
When you tap on a Kinto station, it will show you which cars are available at the time of your intended booking.

How much does Kinto cost?

Kinto has flat pricing based on which car you are booking and how long you are booking it for. These start at $9.75 per hour and $0.27 per km for a Toyota Yaris and gradually drop to $40.50 per day and $0.17 per km.

What about fuel?

Unlike traditional car rental services, you pay for how much you use the vehicle and don’t have to pay for fuel. You just need to make sure you return the car with enough fuel for the next person. All Kintos have a fuel card in the glove compartment for ease of re-fuelling. For security, the PIN for the fuel card is revealed to you in the app.

What cars can I book using Kinto?

Car models vary between Kinto stations (and depending on availability). Kinto has everything to suit your needs from a Toyota Yaris Hybrid for running around town right through to a Toyota HiAce Cargo, perfect for when you need to move across town or pick up your latest find from Facebook Marketplace.